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02/24/2017. Just purchased an SBIG ST-7 camera and a Meade ETX 80mm refractor for auto guiding (400mm F/L). The camera is the older parallel port type but works great with the SkyX (32bit version). Guiding accuracy is approx. 3-5 pixels (approx. 1 arc-second).
09/01/2016. Just purchased an Apogee U6 camera. Pixel size is a large 24 microns. Field of view is 24 x 24 arcmins (@ f8.7). Camera cools down to -34 deg. C. Max. magnitude observed so far is 19.5.  
08/31/2016. The Canon 6D did not work out. The field of view was nice but the sensitivity was not. Not recommended for MPO observations (More than one order of magnitude lost...CMOS still can't compete with a CCD). The camera was cooled to +5deg C. 
08/17/2016. TheCGO has completed approx. 100 known MPO observations. No new discoveries yet.. A Canon 6D camera is now being used for a larger field of view (43 x 29 arcmins). All observations are completely automated (now I can sleep).
01/30/2015. TheCGO is assigned observatory code U78 by the IAU for MPO observations.
12/09/2014. TheCGO starts MPO work. 
08/19/2014. The observatory moves forward.
The observatory is now automated. See the automation page for more details.

12/02/2007. 20,500 visitors to the CGO website.

11/03/2007. Color imaging using a Canon EOS-1D DSLR camera will begin soon. The image scale is 0.94 arcsec/pix and 1.88 arcsec/pix binned 2x2 (four times better than the Canon EOS-350D). Diffraction Limited's MaxDSLR software will be used.

10/24/2007. Cedar Glen and the observatory survive the Slide fire. Over 400 homes were destroyed in Grass Valley, Running Springs, Fredalba and Green Valley Lake.

08/24/2007. The CGO's two year anniversary........

06/12/2007. Imaging with a Canon EOS-350D was attempted with poor results. The pixel size is just to small for the scope's focal length. The image scale was 0.52 arcsec/pix.

06/10/2007. The Meade 400mm LX200GPS telescope is now mounted equatorially. This was done for long exposure DSLR imaging.

12/31/2006. 10,000 visitors to the CGO website.

11/27/2006. The CGO's weather/webcam page is now available.

08/24/2006. The CGO's one year anniversary........

08/14/2006. Satellite internet thru WildBlue is now running. Live video is now available.......

06/29/2006. 77 Messier objects have been imaged....33 to go....

03/05/2006. Unable to image for the last 30 days due to weather.....

02/06/2006. 5000 visitors to the CGO website.

02/01/2006. Now using Envisage version 5.85  (Autostar Suite update 4).

01/31/2006. Live video should be available in February.

01/31/2006. The CGO website gets it's own domain name,

08/24/2005. First image taken at the CGO. Look in DSI-Pro images for more details

08/22/2005. Scope is now installed. Should be taking B&W images this week

06/25/2005. The pier adapter and floor leaves are complete. Plywood to cover the inside walls is next..

06/01/2005. The house and observatory have been delayed now until the end of July 2005. Although, the 400mm Meade LX200 has been delivered.